Moving into a House with a Pool

Summer is just around the corner and you’ll be moving into a comfy new home before Memorial Day Weekend. You’ve found some interesting properties, but one home just calls to you. You love the gorgeous interior and the lavish exterior. But what’s the best aspect of this dream home? The pool in the backyard! This amazing feature is about to turn your new home into THE summer spot for your friends and family. While the immediate option of a pool is enough to make most people jump, there is a lot you should know before deciding to move in. Pools are a big responsibility to a new owner. I’ve worked in real estate for years and in my experience, pools can make or break a deal for most buyers. If you are finding yourself with the option of moving into a house with a pool, this is what you need to know before pulling the trigger.


Pools require a lot of upkeep. The lining, chemicals to keep it clean, filters, and repairs can add up pretty quickly. Keeping a pool open in the summer will cost between $125 to $300 a week. This is just talking about the pool itself and not the many pipes and systems you need to keep it up and running. I’ve seen many families happily buy homes with pools only to be forced to close them permanently due to the unexpected cost of maintenance. Before you decide on jumping in, you need to make sure it’s running smoothly. Don’t forget that you will need professional help to close and open the pool. You also have to decide if you want to hire someone to clean it or if you will invest the time yourself. Consider the financial and time costs that come with upkeeping a pool when you buy a house.

How close am I to the ocean?

One of the best aspects of living in the Garden State is that we are right on the ocean. No matter where you go, you will be pretty close to the Atlantic. How does this impact you buying a house with a pool? Well, if you are a beach lover and will be spending most of your summer days on the sand, why would you want a pool? It will end up being pretty redundant. The beach offers many benefits that a pool doesn’t offer and vice-versa. It’s a little silly when you see those gorgeous beachfront houses with a large pool in the yard. While you could choose both if you can afford it, you should really decide on one or the other of these two options.

How often will it be used?

In NJ, we get to experience every season. While many people love this aspect, it leaves you with a limited time to use your pool. Typically, the ideal pool use window is Memorial day weekend through labor day weekend. The weather is a bit too chilly before then and once kids go back to school and people fall into their off-season work schedules, they will have less time to use it. You also need to consider what your family situation is. Are you a newlywed couple that will use the pool often to entertain or do you have a nest of kids that will be in it from dawn to dusk? Does your schedule allow you to take full advantage of the pool? Ask yourself, how often you will be using this feature before committing to it.

Outdoor Space

Pools take up a lot of space, there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you find a house with a pool, you should consider how its effect on outdoor space will impact you and your family. The pool will be amazing to have on those summer scorchers, but what about in the fall? You may not have a large yard to enjoy the cool weather in. If you have kids or pets, they will be extremely limited in their outdoor activities. Take into account how much yard space you would like in a home when looking at a house with a pool. You might end having to choose between a pool and a backyard.

A pool can make that home you love even more amazing. If you see this feature in a home you would like to buy, you need to take some things into account. Outdoor space, upkeep, how often you will use it, and how close you are to the ocean are all the things you need to consider. A pool can be a great way to make some summer memories but it can also be a real pain for a homeowner. If you or someone you know is looking to purchase a home contact me right away! I have years of experience selling real estate in New Jersey and can promise you that we will find your dream home. I have tons of properties just waiting to be turned into a home. Let’s make the Garden State the perfect place for you and your family. To learn more about myself and the moving process, check out my blog!

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