The Best Events to Celebrate Spring in New Jersey

One of the best times to be in New Jersey is the spring. We get to experience one of the finest post winter warm-ups in the entire country.  Why is NJ so great for the spring? Well, besides being able to see nature come back to life and some amazing ways to experience the outdoors, we have awesome events. Half the reason I’m so excited about spring is so I can go to these marvelous events to ring in the season. I’ve been an NJ girl my entire life and wouldn’t change that for anything. It’s why I have become one of the most respected real estate agents in the state and love selling homes to fellow Jerseyians. Whether you’ve been here for 50 years or 5 minutes, these are my picks for the best spring events in NJ. I promise that the entire family will love them!

Annual Spring Festival in Jersey City

Jersey City might seem a little rough around the edges, but it’s a great place to visit. Every spring, the city gets together to throw a fantastic festival. This is a charming event that is especially enjoyable for the little ones. It has all the hallmarks you’d expect like games, food, and train rides. What makes this really special is how interactive it is for children. There is an arts and crafts corner just begging kids to explore their creativity in. Puppet and magic shows to captivate them and let their imaginations run wild. You can also sign your young babe up for the annual egg hunt. You know you’ll love the look on their faces when they find eggs full of treats. For a great day with the family this spring, the Jersey City Spring Festival is the perfect place to visit. I know it is a drive away from the Jersey Shore, however, it is totally worth it!

New Jersey Wine and Food Festival

Few things make people as happy in life as great food and amazing wine. Lucky for you, the best of both worlds can be had at the New Jersey Wine and Food Festival at the Crystal Springs Resort. This resort has become the place for all things food in NJ and is quickly becoming the same for wine. The chiefs at this festival don’t just make food, they make art. They don’t just want you to think what you eat is good, but breathtaking. Pop the latest bottles of wine and give the future vineyard owners of tomorrow your honest opinion on their creations. This weekend event has loads of events including wine tasting, food sampling, live music, dancing, after parties, and countless more. Let your taste buds have the experience of a lifetime at the New Jersey Wine and Food Festival this spring.

Garden State Film Festival

Who doesn’t love the movies? Whether you are a die-hard film buff or just enjoy a great flick, the Garden State Film Festival is the place for you. Taking place every spring, aspiring filmmakers from across the state show off the latest stories they are trying to tell. Taking place in the up and coming town of Asbury Park, you will experience a range of emotions. You’ll see movies that make you laugh, cry, rage, and everything in between. On top of that, you have the chance of running into some of your favorite celebrities on the street. You also get to go to those famous after film parties you hear so much about. The different panels give you a chance to learn about film making and ask professionals what drives them. This is one of the best springs events in NJ simply because you never know what is going to happen! Who knows, a weekend there might end with you meeting the next Tom Hanks.

Atlantic City Beer and Music Fest

Sometimes you just need to cut loose and dance your troubles away. The perfect place to let it all go for a weekend of fun is the Atlantic City beer and music festival. The craft beer industry is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing in NJ and this fest is all about celebrating it. Take your time to sample some of the over 600 beers that will be available. No matter what type you like, you will find some there. Of course what fest is complete without music? Some of the best bands from across NJ will be coming to perform live to all the concert goers. While all this excitement is going on feel free to enjoy the free arcade, larger than life cornhole, keg tossing, and hatchet throwing. For an unforgettable weekend of fun and excitement, heading down to one of the great hotels at Atlantic City for a weekend of music, games, and beer sampling, check out the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival!

New Jersey is the perfect state to enjoy all things spring. There is no place in the entire country that you can find a better place to celebrate the new season. Just one of these fantastic events will make your spring worthwhile, but going to all will give you some great memories. What could be better than having some incredible way to bring in spring every weekend? If you or someone you know is interested in buying real estate in NJ, contact me right away. I have years of experience selling homes and promise to give you the local hookup. I have tons of great properties just waiting to become someone’s home. On top of that, I’m knowledgeable in all things NJ, meaning any questions you have I’m happy to answer. There is no better state than New Jersey, so let’s find you the perfect home here. To learn more about myself and NJ, check out my blog!

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