The Benefits of living in New Jersey

There are few states, if any, that can rival New Jersey as being the best in the country. Don’t listen to what the haters want you to believe, Jersey is the finest state in the union. There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t just consider but really aspire to make your home here. Luckily for you, I’ve been helping people move into the state for years now. Families from all over the country have decided to pick up their roots and come here for countless reasons. I’ve heard it all from the incredible colleges to the killer summers. There are no shortages as to why you should move to the Garden State. As someone who loves her home state, here is why I cannot get enough of NJ.

Close to the shore

If there is one thing New Jersey is famous for it’s the breathtaking beaches and shore communities you can only find here. From gorgeous Cape May to charming Asbury Park, everywhere you go in NJ you are going to be close to the water. With some of the most amazing beaches in the world, this state is a beach bums dream. On top of these great places to soak up the sun, they have fantastic shore communities that will give you the summer of your dreams. Hang out on the beach all day and then hit the boardwalk for dinner, drinks, and music until the sun comes up! What could be a better summer day?

A little of everything

We have it all in NJ from adorable farms to some of the greatest nightlife you will ever experience. Fishing, golf, hiking, snowboarding, and craft breweries all have a place here. Due to the diversity of activities, there is something for everyone to do. This also doesn’t include all the great seasonal events such as apple picking, haunted hayrides, ice skating, and fireworks. The only problem you’ll have when you live here is deciding what activity you want to try on the weekends. #BigFacts

Gorgeous landscape

Only here would you be able to spend one day enjoying some surfing on your favorite beach then go camping on top of some stunning mountains the next. New Jersey has a variety of gorgeous landscapes that allow you to experience it all. If you have a love of photography, you can’t get spoiled by choice like this anywhere else. From waterfalls to one of a kind views of the greatest city in the world, it is a photo-fanatics paradise. When you live in NJ, be sure to get out there and take some pics that will make your Instagram followers wish they were here.

Easy Access to major cities

One of the best things about making your home in the garden state is its convenient location. NJ is a prime location to live for all you city lovers especially if you find yourself working your dream job in one. Both New York City and Philadelphia are relatively close to the state. Want to take a day trip to NYC? Hop on a train and you’re there! Want to explore the historic sites of Philly? A short car ride in and you’ll be walking the same streets George Washington and Benjamin Franklin did. If you get the itch to spend time in the city often, NJ is the place for you.

New Jersey is a great place to live for countless reasons. The jaw-dropping landscapes, amazing beaches, and the fact that you can get it all here are things that you just can’t get in any state. Being super close to some many cities doesn’t hurt either. You couldn’t find a better place to move to even if you tried! If you or anyone you know is interested in making the garden state their new home, give me a call. I have some amazing homes listed, just waiting to become someone’s dream home. I promise that I will give you nothing but the best service and will be with you every step of the way from buying to moving in. For more great real estate and moving tips, check out my blog.